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Reversing America’s Decline

March 19, 2021

In the Imaginative Conservative for December 15, 2019, I outlined a program for recovery of American culture and politics in an essay titled “Why America Is in Decline… and What to Do About It.”

  • First, in the short term, institute tough libel and slander laws, publicly rebuke journalists who define themselves as “citizens of the world” and who impose the ideology of “Globalism” on a public unaware of the ideological bias of news reporting.
  • Second, over the long term, remove Progressive domination in American higher education by starting dozens of new colleges, universities and boutique graduate schools.
  • Third, begin to examine how to recover a commitment to civic education that prior to World War II was taught at every level of public education.
  • That instruction in what our fathers called “Americanism” may not be a good fit for education in the United States today, but surely we should make American history, economics, and government, and the history of Western civilization central components of education in our high schools and colleges.
  • Do that, and Jesse Watters’ “World” will feature interviews with sensible, knowledgeable citizens not unlike those who fought a war to establish the independence of the American colonies.If we fail, we will lose our country.
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