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Confusion Reigns in “Biden Land”

March 20, 2021

The New York Times for March 20 reports “. . . progressives are asking why [Biden’s] foreign policy feels so conventional. They worry that Mr. Biden and his largely centrist team of national security officials will disappoint the liberal wing’s desires for a new American foreign policy that relies far less on military power, de-escalates tensions with rivals like Iran and China, and places greater pressure — under threat of cooler relations — on allies like Saudi Arabia and Israel.”

Let’s ask some basic questions. What is foreign policy all about? Is it about defense or offense (or both) to secure what?

What is the engendering source of tensions between the United States and Iran and the totalitarian regime in Communist China?  Can these tensions be ameliorated?

And what about Saudi Arabia and Israel?  Are they not friends and allies?

Biden ordered a military strike in Syria targeting Iraqi militia. That is troubling especially since the motives of President George W. Bush in invading Iraq strengthened the position of Iran. Is Biden signaling that U.S. policy will now target Iran?

If so, it’s a fair question to ask. Are the Neoconservatives back?  They surrounded “W” and advocated U.S. military action against a “bad guy.”

Biden’s pejorative description of Vladimir Putin—a “killer”—is accurate, but what’s that all about?

And what about that meeting in Alaska with representatives of Communist China? Why not meet in Geneva?

How all this plays out over the next two years will tell whether Biden is a “War President” or just confused.

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