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Go Loyola!

March 22, 2021

In 1967 feeling inadequate because I had not studied Latin and classical Greek, I enrolled in a course at Loyola of Chicago designed to teach seven years of ancient Latin in one semester.

I recount that experience in “Coda,” my first novel that reveals how a Catholic priest who is raised as an Anglican masters Latin in order to become a Catholic priest.

I was in that class of some fifteen men who had what was called “Belated Vocations” though I was a Missouri Synod Lutheran and had no interest in Catholicism. We lived in a dormitory at Loyola of Chicago on a floor that we shared with Loyola’s largely African American basketball team.

Like me, they were not Catholics, nor recruited for academic reasons, but they were contenders for the NCAA championship. I liked those guys because they were happy to be playing on a top ranked team and could expect to play professionally.

Yesterday the Loyola basketball team knocked off the #1 seed!

Go Loyola!

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