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“Dead Greeks”–Again!

March 28, 2021

On March 8 I accused our many “Fundamentalist” and “Evangelical” colleges for ignoring classical Greek philosophy.

All are well-meaning, of course, but that does not excuse their self-imposed ignorance. 

The Protestant Reformation asserted the primacy of the Bible and rejected Catholic scholarship that traced theological truth to noetic truth of the ancient Greeks and, especially, through St. Thomas to the philosophy of Aristotle.

Just as I was about to consign classical Greek philosophy to a dustbin, I was invited by something called “Munk Debates” to an examination of the question “Who was better? Plato or Aristotle?

Taking the side of Plato is Dr. Clifford Orwin, a professor at Toronto University in Canada. Orwin was educated at Cornell by Allan Bloom and at Harvard by Harvey Mansfield and is representative of the “Straussian” school of political philosophy. 

On the side of Aristotle is Edith Hall, a British scholar of classics, specializing in ancient Greek literature and cultural history, and Professor in the Department of Classics and Centre for Hellenic Studies at King’s College, London.

Of course there is no right answer, but it is good news indeed that in Canada and England these classical philosophers are not dead from sight and mind. Too bad we Americans are denied access to the ancient Greeks!

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