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Fiction Writing and Reality

March 29, 2021

Scholarship that confronts the radical ideologies found in our colleges and universities today is no longer possible from within American higher education. Progressive ideologues dominate the Humanities and Social Sciences and block traditional scholarship by denial of tenure and exclusion from hiring of conservatives.

Finding a publisher of a non-commercial scholarly book is extremely difficult and more commercial titles that may find a publisher must be “agented” by career literary agents far to the Left of book publishers who themselves disdain conservative ideas.

For those reasons, a handful of scholars have turned their hands and minds to writing fiction. Most write one “first novel,” and only one, unless their first entry into the field of narrative fiction is a success.

American Academy of Distance Learning is pleased to introduce you to the subject of narrative fiction and five scholars who are turning their minds to the reality that writing of fiction can reveal.

Please access these links to better understand the importance of narrative fiction and five scholars who write novels.

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