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One College Down, 999 More to Come

March 30, 2021

In my 2017 book titled The Coming Death and Future Resurrection of American Higher Education, I suggest that it is possible that 1,000 college will close.

Written before the spread of a Coronavirus from Communist China, I based my prediction on the maze of state and federal regulations, the federal government’s tuition loan program initiated by President Lyndon Johnson in what he called “the Great Society” and arcane “accreditation” standards that have driven the cost of a college diploma to levels that most education consumers cannot afford.

Today the education journal, the Boston Globe and other media report on the closing of Becker College in Worcester, Massachusetts.

In addition to a greater investment in technology — remote learning comes at a cost — there was an unanticipated and significant drop in the number of students who, due to the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic, chose not to live on campus, never registered, took a leave of absence, or dropped out,” Cassidy wrote. “This loss of revenue had a dramatic impact on the ability of the college to continue to maintain financial day-to-day college operations.”

With a five million dollar endowment, Becker College didn’t have the financial resources to stay the course during this Pandemic.

The Biden Administration plans to finance a policy of “free tuition” at community colleges, but it remains to be seen whether what I have described as the education “Cartel”, composed of public and private four-year colleges, can muster their political resources to kill this idea while it is still in the cradle of President Joe Biden’s increasingly radical Administration.

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