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Why We Write Novels

March 31, 2021

In mid-April, American Academy of Distance Learning, will post a two-hour recording of a discussion about writing novels.

The five discussants are all political conservatives and entrepreneurs in the field of narrative fiction.

At least one of these novels was written specifically for film and will be produced for viewing on one of the “streaming media” venues such as Netflix, Acorn, or Disney that are replacing the former way that Americans watched “movies” in theaters by theatrical release.

This observation by Robert Brownstein at CNN’s Fault  Lines explains why narrative fiction is now becoming a chosen medium of expression of ideas of conservatives and classical liberals.

“Ideas such as greater suspicion of authority in business and government; more assertive roles for women; more tolerance of premarital sex; greater acceptance of racial and sexual minorities; all of these are now dominant (if still not uniform) attitudes in America. But they were not widely accepted before they were infused into the movies, television and music that emerged, mostly in Los Angeles, from the late 1960s through the early 1970s.”

Clearly, our five conservative novelists have our work cut out for us, but we have just begun to utilize narrative fiction to show our fellow Americans that there still is truth, justice and tradition in America today.

Meet the Novelists

Ryn, Department of Politics, Catholic University of America

Keating, Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council  

Moore, Independent Scholar, Aiken, SC

Mendenhall, Sorrell College of Business, Troy University

Bishirjian, American Academy of Distance Learning

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