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Jeff Bell and “the Movement”

April 6, 2021

Jeffrey Bell was a conservative activist, advocate for Supply-Economics and advisor to President Nixon and Ronald Reagan. Bell died at age 74 in February 2018.

Bell came of age politically in 1962 and travelled a course of political activity that reflected the ups and downs of the Conservative Movement. Intellectually gifted and articulate, Bell is remembered because he adhered to conservative principles when others did not.

Bill Kristol conducted an extensive interview with Bell in 2014 that contains insights into the history of “the Movement” that many of us who were once young experienced and which I discuss in Ennobling Encounters that will be published in Summer 2021.

Everyone I encountered knew Jeff Bell.  If you were not 18 years of age in 1962, here’s what you missed.

You can access recordings of Bill Kristol’s interview Jeff Bell at “Conversations with Bill Kristol.”

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