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The Decadent New York Times

April 9, 2021

For $4 a month I access The New York Times online, though I cancelled my subscription to the Sunday Times years ago. For $4 I get access to news reporting and “breaking” news of interest even to a political conservative.

The reporting about Matt Gaetz is of interest since I once met with Gaetz when he was a member of the Florida legislature and also because the sexual relations of elected officials tend to the bizarre.

In modern America a 17 year old female may be presumed to be a sexually experienced adult, and Gaetz’s behavior is not unusual.

Another story of interest is The Time’s reporting on former president Donald Trump.

Today’s report titled “How a Defeated Trump Is Making a Muddle of the G.O.P.” is so biased that I checked to see if The Times still had an opinion section.

Offended by this report by Jonathan Martin and Nicholas Fandos, I decided a rebuke was necessary and looked for Mr. Martin’s contact information.

A first attempt took me to Mr. Martin’s Twitter page, but when I found his email address I was required to download safety software. By then I simply gave up, but I was told that Mr. Martin has a husband.

How perfect and so decadent!

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