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True Nobility

April 9, 2021

Article I, Section 9, Clause 8 of the United States Constitution prohibits the national government from granting titles of nobility. The Anti-Federalists who authored the Eighth Amendment knew what they were doing also when they prohibited cruel and unusual punishments.

Among the cruel punishments banished were blinding and castration not only of the guilty but of male offspring.

None of that cruel and unusual punishment is permitted here but I wonder whether Americans have a lingering affection for titles of nobility.

Even before the death of Britain’s Prince Phillip, I was curious that at least three magazines found at my supermarket checkout this week featured British royalty.

Also what are all those boutique license plates on automobiles or diplomas we place on our walls but a sign of our specialness, our nobility?

Only the Vietnam Memorial confers official noble status, but to earn that you must have died for your country. That is true nobility.

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