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It’s Not Just Minneapolis

April 21, 2021

I visited Minnesota on several occasions in the 1980s as I recruited a Minnesota turkey grower for a venture in Poland. The grower and his family were well-educated and honest and I enjoyed our partnership when state companies in Poland were being sold to private sector interests.

During that travel I discerned that Nordic ethnicity was alive both in the size of many Minnesotans and in the intense regulatory system of laws and the maintenance of state roads. When driving in Minnesota you obeyed the speed regulations and used your turn signal—or placed yourself at risk to a traffic citation.

There was also a great restaurant that served over-sized steaks that I frequented and I came to consider Minneapolis-St. Paul as a wonderful place to do business. A visit to a movie theater in Mall of America proved inspiring as theater goers gave Superman an ovation for his commitment to “truth, justice and the American way.”

In 2007 a major bridge collapsed, however, killing thirteen and injuring one hundred and forty-five and now there is evidence that Minneapolis police are ill-trained, unsupervised and prone to use of excessive force. Minnesota’s U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar, of Slovenian descent, was accused of abusing a member of her Congressional staff

These incidences in Minneapolis’ public sector are troubling because they are not replicated in the private sector and that suggests that we should look more closely into the history of Viking marauders and ascertain if their history of violent acts is memorialized in Minnesota’s public sector.

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