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Do You Know Where Bill Kristol Is?

April 23, 2021

Did you wonder where Bill Kristol has been?

I did.

I was a regular reader of the Weekly Standard and when that shut down I lost sight of Neoconservatives whom I began to watch in the early 1970s.

I was teaching at  a college in New Rochellle, New York, and was hired part time at Arlington House Publishers. My job was to find conservative authors and I reached out to Irving Kristol who, among other things, was an editor at Basic Books.

Irving invited me to events that his “Neoconservatives” were holding, but even before that I got to know Bill Kristol who had attended ISI meetings.

Back then, young Kristol was more “traditional” than “Neo,” and we’ve been friends for fifty years.

People “mature” over that length of time, however, and Bill Kristol is considered a “Democrat” by Michael Barone and I believe that Donald Trump endangered America by inciting a seditious mob to attack the Capitol on January 6.

John Carville thinks the same and reckons that January 6 changed American politics. In an interview with Bill Kristol on April 6 at “Conversations with Bill Kristol,” Carville said:

I believe to this day, and will probably believe to my dying day, that the most significant 24 hours in American politics was 8:00 PM Eastern, January 5th to 8:00 PM Eastern, January 6th. It changed the way that we looked at politics, It changed the way politics were covered. It changed just a lot of things in a country that politically doesn’t change a lot.

So, that’s where Bill Kristol has been hiding!

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