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“Woke” Millennials at Wikipedia

April 23, 2021

Three weeks ago, my programmer received a notice of rejection of a Wikipedia submission of my professional background. The reason? The Wikipedia page I submitted was deemed “Unambiguous advertising or promotion.”

Submitting a “Wiki” enables me to place information about myself and for researchers interested in the intellectual “Conservative Movement” to see what I and my Conservative colleagues have done over more than sixty years.

For the past eleven years I’ve posted essays from my personal blog at Facebook because Facebook posts will be available for inspection years after I’m gone. Add to that permanent record six books and my first “novel” and future researchers will get a sense of what motivated me and thousands of conservative students in the 1960s to identify themselves as “Movement Conservatives.”

Many of us stayed the course, served in the Reagan Administration, created Think Tanks, engaged in controversies with Progressives, ran for elective office, taught in colleges and universities and I founded an entire Online university dedicated to educating my fellow citizens about Western culture.

My attempt to summarize that may be viewed at

When I complained the Wikipedia Foundation stated that Wikipedia does not “oversee the content that appears on Wikipedia or any of the other sites we manage, nor do we develop the policies that govern content. This work is done entirely by our vast community of volunteers.”

I replied to this officious attempt to deny that a “Woke millennial” canceled me by observing that

1) either your volunteer is not knowledgeable about the conservative movement in the United States in which I played a part for 60 years through publishing books and essays, significant government service (Reagan & Bush 41) and by founding a conservative university OR , 2) your volunteer IS aware and engaged in a too familiar act of cancellation.

The growth of “Cancel Culture” is an issue of concern today and I am fully prepared to engage in complaining about how Wikipedia has joined the “Cancel Culture,” it that is the case. I have never had posts on Facebook blocked and am not interesting in Twittering my views.

In submitting my Wikipedia “post” I went out of my way to cite reliable sources from writers in reputable national journals from the Atlantic to the University Bookman and by citing published reviews of my books. If by citing those sources I am engaged in “self promotion,” then Wikipedia has a problem, not I.

I sent that reply eight days ago and received no response.

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