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CU-Boulder “Conservative Thought Professor“ Fired

April 29, 2021

Visiting Professor of “Conservative Thought” John Eastman has announced that he is suing CU for $1.8 million for stripping him of his duties as this year’s Professor of Conservative Thought. His alleged offense: defending President Trump’s claim of massive voter fraud at a rally on the Capitol Grounds on January 6, 2021/

Ordinary citizens who are not academics may question Professor Eastman’s claim, but I was a candidate for the Conservative Professorship three years ago and can affirm that CU-Boulder is a literal “snake pit” of Leftist bias.

Wealthy conservative alumni established the “Conservative Thought” professorship to add balance to an anti-American culture at CU epitomized by the Ward Churchill scandal.

The  University Administration approved the professorship because CU donations were flagging and for two or three years the faculty in the Department of Government did nothing. By the time I applied, tenured professors had had enough and asserted their authority. The donors and program administrator were sidelined and the Faculty called the shots.

Apparently Professor Eastman offended them badly and is no longer permitted to teach at CU-Boulder. This is more than an academic dispute and reveals that “governance” at CU is out of control. Will other heads than the head of John Eastman “roll”?

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