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Bye-Bye CU-Boulder

May 1, 2021

The high number of views (923) of my report on “the John Eastman” affair at Colorado University-Boulder suggests keen interest in “the mess” that higher education finds itself in Colorado and the nation.

Some are outraged that a university professor supported President Trump’s claim of election fraud. Others that a professor should be dismissed for expressing an unpopular opinion concerns them. And one said that he gave up an endowed chair at a state university because the same attitudes that drove Eastman out of his position drove him away from his university.

Since I had met some of the CU administrators and faculty at CU instrumental in dismissing Eastman I pretty much knew what had happened.

One Administrator keeps his job by taking positions to his advantage. A member of the faculty is engaged in protecting faculty—and his—power. The former President after whom the Center where the “Conservative Thought” program is housed is a billionaire geologist and a former Republican candidate for Governor of Colorado—and in a job “over his head.”

And John Eastman became an advisor to President Trump, attended a meeting in the Oval Office with the President in which he advised Vice President Pence to delay the tally of Electoral College votes and then addressed a gathering that sought to take over the government.

The persons now in control of the professorship expressed a view that it is

hard to find good—as opposed to the bad Eastman type–conservative scholars!

That is a signal that, finally, they will be rid of this program and flies in the face of numerous conservative scholars whose views are visible to anyone seriously engaged in a search for them.  I myself composed a list of conservative scholars in national security hoping that some would be invited to join Trump’s team and I recruited 50 to teach courses in eleven degree and certificate programs at Yorktown University that was domiciled in Denver!

And what of the original organizer of the Conservative Thought professorship? He was abandoned for group of faculty who think that “conservatives” are racists and long for a “final solution.”

CU-Boulder attracts the best students but has no program to educate them. So they do what college students do best—party. And now that the Democrat Party is in control of Colorado, no direction from the appointed members of the Colorado Commission on Higher Education or the appointed Board of Governors of CU or a disorganized and diminished Republican Party can delay or stop CU’s decline.

It’s time to sing Bye-Bye with Ann Margaret!

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