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The Wizard of the Biden Administration

May 3, 2021

We know from Senate confirmation hearings in which Judge Robert Bork was “borked” by then-Senator Joe Biden that fairness, knowledge of the Constitution and prudence are not aspects of President Biden’s character.

We know also that this former U.S. Senator is from Delaware, in square miles ranked 46 and with a population of 898,000, even Rhode Island ranked 45, with a population of 1,053, 000 is larger, thus prompting the idea that a merger with the District of Columbia should be considered.

Delaware has one Member of the U.S. House of Representatives, Lisa Blunt Rochester, and two Members of the U.S. Senate, Thomas Carper and Christopher Coons, both from Wilmington, President Biden’s hometown.  

All four are liberal Democrats with Sen. Coons standing out as a Presbyterian Elder and Chairman of the Senate Ethics Committee who has called for Sen. Ted Cruz and Sen. Josh Hawley to resign.

Coons is a graduate of Amherst, Carper a graduate of Ohio State was a Naval Aviator serving in Vietnam, and Lisa Rochester is a graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson University and President Biden is a graduate of Syracuse University.

I looked that up because the University of Delaware is a Left-of-Center institution and I suspected that it may have shaped the politics of its politicians.

Apparently, not.

Carper’s military service contributes to his love of government and his work saving the United States Postal Service. The word “privatization” is not in his vocabulary much like President Biden’s plans for infrastructure improvements.

Still, the far-Left proposals of the Biden Administration originate somewhere, and probably not in the cognitively impaired brain of our 78 years old President.  I can make that observation since I, too, am 78 and can tell when someone that old is “not all there.”

Who is the Wizard behind the curtain controlling this Administration?

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