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Political Philosophy and Order

May 5, 2021

The study and writing about political community are shaped by the times in which political philosophers lived. In 1980 a group of us gathered at Villa Serbelloni on Lake Como and this picture shows how broad were our interests and how deeply we sought to bring order to a disordered world.

Political Philosophy is not mere “theory.” Political philosophers who came to maturity in the 20th century, wrote about life and death, about divided countries in a divided world, wars of conquest and wars of revolution.

Sergio Cotta was a leader in the Italian Resistance in WW II.

Dante Germino was a professor at the University of Virginia and an advocate of the political philosopher Eric Voegelin.

Klaus Vondung, Anastasio Moulakis, Jürgen Gebhardt and Richard Bishirjian were students of Eric Voegelin.

Kenneth Minoque was a professor of politics at the London School of Economics.

Vittorio Mathieu was an Italian political philosopher and colleague of Silvio Berlesconi.

Jene M. Porter is Professor Emeritus of Political Studies at the University of Saskatchewan. He is the author of Political Philosophy: The Search for Humanity and Order and Classics in Political Philosophy.

Stephen McKnight is professor emeritus in the department of history at the University of Florida and an early interpreter of Voegelin’ s philosophy.

Claude Polin, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at the Sorbonne was an author of important studies on totalitarianism.   

Peter Gyally-Pap studied at LSE and has written about religion and social aspects of Buddhism in Cambodia.

Steve McKnight and Richard Bishirjian were the youngest members of the group but both had done work of serious interest to the older attendees at Villa Serbelloni.

Bishirjian’s Development of Political Theory (1978) and later McKnight’s participation in a conference on “Gnosticism and Modernity” that Bishirjiam organized with William Corrington and William Havard at Vanderbilt University in 1987 gave them entry into this august circle of older scholars.

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