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Leave Facebook Alone

May 10, 2021

Ever since my submission to Wikipedia was rejected by a “volunteer” at Wikipedia, I tend to look more closely at complaints about Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook is hiring twenty thousand new employees tasked to monitor Facebook posts.  In doing so, Facebook will dip into the same pool of talent utilized by Wikipedia.

They will be young college graduates from public and private colleges where they are taught to think like their Liberal and “Progressive” professors. They will favor the use of government to “do good,” believe that the male white majority in America continues to abuse minorities and is opposed to the advancement of women.

For that reason, It does not matter whether Facebook is regulated like a public utility or is broken up. The same “Woke” millennials and Gen X persons that are employed at Facebook, Google, Twitter or Apple today will not change how they think in smaller Facebook social media entities.

Republican Congressman Ken Buck (R-CO) doesn’t see that and calls for breaking up Facebook using “antitrust” laws that were placed on the books at the commencement of the “Progressive era.” 

What is troubling is that Ken Buck is the GOP leader in Colorado and is speaking to a large audience of registered Democrats in Colorado thus giving away fundamental principles of free market economics and principles of limited State power which the Republican Party has always stood for.

Why does Ken Buck assume that several smaller Facebook media entities will act in better and different ways?

Why not create new social media companies that attract persons of “conservative” or “classical liberal” inclination?

I asked that twenty-one years ago when I founded an internet university and recruited conservative professors to teach the Liberal Arts that affirmed tradition and the principles of Western culture and civilization.

I asked, “if you don’t like Progressive domination of American higher education, why not start new colleges?”

Here’s the bottom line: don’t use federal regulations to “do good.”  Deregulate and permit competition to break up monopolistic behavior.

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