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Joe Louis and Me

May 12, 2021

Joe and Max” is a motion picture produced in 2002 and directed by Steve James that tells the story of the relationship between heavy weight boxers Joe Louis and Max Schmeling.

Adolph Hitler was disappointed when Jesse Owens dominated the 1936 Olympic Games and was hopeful In 1937 that Schmeling would prove that race dominated even in sport.

The relationship between Louis and Schmeling reveals in “Joe and Max” much about Germany and the United States that is enlightening.

For me, as I watched “Joe and Max” this evening, I was reminded of breakfast at a lunch counter at a hotel in Chicago where I was attending a meeting of the Philadelphia Society. I must have avoided paying the fee as an attendee and decided to have breakfast at the counter in the hotel’s luncheonette,

As I sat at the counter, my eyes looked down at the left hand of the person sitting next to me.  His hand was massive and I looked up and saw that I was sitting next to Joe Louis.

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