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May 15, 2021

The list of “signatories” of REPAIR, a “reform” movement within the GOP, is too long to clutter this post on my personal “blog,” but you can get the “drift” from a few of the names who “believe that these United States must work in conjunction with friends and allies to advance worthy interests abroad and to promote freedom by example and with the judicious application of power.”

Anthony Scaramucci        Bill Weld      Mona Charen          Charlie Dent

Christine Todd Whitman John Negroponte  Mark Sanford          Max Boot

Tom Ridge   Michael Steele       Mickey Edwards    Mike Murphy

These well-known “East Coast” Republicans are Liberal/Internationalists who are comfortable with the policies of Presidents G.W.H and “W” Bush.

A common belief in advancing “worthy interests abroad” was rejected by former President Trump and that seems to be the ground on which these reformers choose to stand.

Their unanimous rejection of Trump’s “nationalism” indicates that a Trump-led GOP is beyond “REPAIR” and between now and 2024 these two camps within the GOP will decide whether the GOP survives or is broken up into Internationalist and Nationalist wings.

Personally, I’m hoping a National Conservative Party will be formed in order to give voice to those of us who oppose this Internationalist element in the GOP.

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