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Needed Our Own “Jack”

May 17, 2021

In “Jack and the Beanstalk,” young Jack outwits a big bad giant.

Yesterday, David Zaslav, a golfing buddy with CNN’s Jeff Zucker, and head of a new giant of a conglomerate composed of Discovery and Warner Media, according to the New York Times,  praised Jeff Zucker and CNN,  and “said that it could be expanded with Discovery’s existing international news properties to make it ‘the world leader in news.’”

“Everyone wakes up and wants to know, what’s going on in their world” Mr. Zaslav said. “And nobody does that better than CNN. I’ve been glued to CNN for the last several months.”

What an ass!

Second in Progressive bias only to radically-Left MSNBC, CNN enshrines all that is politically correct in cable news.

I know. At 5:00 AM I awaken in time to catch the morning list of biased journalism at CNN. After fifteen minutes I know what Leftist “journalists” will spout throughout the day until the last reports at 11:00 PM.

In October 2019 I was so tired of all this pastel-colored deep Doo-Doo that I called for a “counter attack” by engaging in a proxy battle for control of CNN.

I had in mind something like what Tom Ellis and Jesse Helms attempted when they engaged in a fight for control of CBS. Actually that was just one of three things that sprung from Tom Ellis’ office in Raleigh, NC:

First, he and Sen. Helms attempted to purchase control of the Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS), home of Walter Cronkite. In that attempt, Ellis and Helms sent much needed shivers through the arrogant media monopoly of the day.

Second, the support of the Congressional Club gave Ronald Reagan a much needed “win” in the North Carolina Presidential primary of 1980 that kept the Gipper’s campaign alive and on to victory in 1980.

And third, they plucked Dr. John East, an unknown political scientist at East Carolina State, to run for the U.S. Senate. Pollster Arthur Finkelstein took one look at East, a paraplegic confined to a wheelchair, and designed a winning strategy: never let East be seen in public.

We need to do something like that again and send much needed shivers up the spine of an arrogant David Zaslav.

Where’s Jack when we need him?

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