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The “Left” Forever

May 23, 2021

A decision by AT&T to divest Warner Media in a merger with Discovery leaves this telephone giant with egg on the face of CEO John Stankey. Though this admitted failure by Stankey is bad for AT&T shareholders, a closer inspection of this transaction reveals something that is bad for American society as a whole.

That is visible in Warner Media decision not to resolve CNN’s Liberal bias by increasing CNN’s Jeff Zucher’s powers.  

This angered me and I wrote four posts in 2019 directed at ATT and one directed specifically at Zucher.

There are two industries in America that are dominated by “Progressive” ideology and intentionally limit alternative ideas:  journalism and higher education.

Even if you became a billionaire and wanted to own a major media property or found a university or college you would know that “they” will be in control.

That is unfortunate since these two industries shape the character of nations.

When they “go bad” everything of value declines.

That is where America is today—at a generational turning point. The World War II generation is long gone and the 60’s generation is soon leaving too.

What we know is that world of the “Millennial” and “Gen X” generations will see an increase in influence of “Progressive” ideas and further politicize the institutions that shape American society.

“Tradition” based in Christian culture and the principles of “the West” will no longer inspire and the America we loved will be no more.

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