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What Would Coors and Weyrich do Today?

May 27, 2021

It was an accident of timing, personality and political principles. In 1966 Paul Weyrich became press secretary to U.S. Senator Gordon Allott (R-CO) and came to know Joseph Coors.

Paul had been a conservative activist as an undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin campaigning for the county YRs and Barry Goldwater’s 1964 election bid.

The defeat of Goldwater was emblematic of the crash of Republican Party fortunes culminating in the resignation of President Richard Nixon in 1974. The election of “Progressive” Democrats following the Watergate scandal was taking the United States leftward at a very fast pace.

Something had to be done, but few knew that Weyrich was an organizational genius, something that Joe Coors recognized and in 1973 bankrolled Weyrich’s efforts that included formation of DC-based Heritage Foundation.

I knew Paul Weyrich and have included him in a study of major conservative leaders in my next book, Ennobling Encounters, soon to be published by En Route Books, publisher of my political novel, “Coda.”

Nothing in life is perfect, but Paul Weyrich’s genius contributed to the election of Ronald Reagan and formation of ten other organizations including the Free Congress Foundation.

None of that was possible without Joe Coors which why I must ask, “Where are the Joe Coors and Paul Weyrich of 2021?” And what would they attempt in the depths of “Progressive” domination of politics and culture?

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