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When our Nation’s Character Changes

May 27, 2021

“I don’t recognize my country” is a common statement by “conservative” and tradition-minded American citizens. National cultures change and though the buildings and roads remain, the people in those buildings and driving the nation’s highways are different.

The leaders of the generation that framed the Constitution were better educated and thus more knowledgeable than even college-educated Americans today. Many of our churches and the Denominations they serve have lost the faith of those who formed them. The Catholic church is similar in its decline from a former strident “Catholicism.” And wealthy Americans are fearful that their children will turn against them when they go to college.

But in free countries the option not to be corrupted is always present and the 1950s saw the development of what back then was called the “Conservative Movement.” Three men represented that “trend” in intellect, culture and economics: Russell Kirk, Friedrich Hayek and William F. Buckley, Jr.

That was more than seventy years ago and institutional decline of higher education, religion and politics has continued at a rapid pace.

Some think that the next war will reshape our culture for the good and it is clear that the world remains a dangerous place.

Let’s give some thought to how to do that peacefully and not expect another war to bring benefits. Consider these four ways:

  1. Start new colleges
  2. Avoid using tools in control of the Left
  3. Foster entrepreneurship and the spirit of enterprise
  4. Spend time educating wealthy Americans

#1. New colleges can be started that educate our young. I wrote a history of one such effort and that experience taught me what is needed to succeed.

#2. Follow the example of Chris Ruddy at Newsmax and learn from it. There are alternatives to Facebook.

#3. Comprehend that there is an American way of doing business. Learn about that.

#4. If you know a successful businessman or woman, introduce them to some of the reasons why you are a “conservative.”

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