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Failed Recluses

May 28, 2021

Some blame the “Woke” guardians of “cancel culture” for the compulsory retreat into obscurity in which most political conservatives find themselves. In 17th century when Mongols invaded China the native Han Chinese poets, painters and former court officials became intentional recluses.

In 20th and 21st century America, as “Progressive” ideology replaced the dominant role that “tradition” and Christian faith once played–from 1787 to about 1885–the character of the American nation was transformed.

We who resisted were excluded from access to “the best” places of employment and retreated from public view.

A video of a discussion with three political conservatives, conducted on April 24, delves into this subject and may be accessed by clicking here. Much of what they (myself included) discuss hits this nail of this of exclusion into reclusiveness on its head.

But there is another source of exclusion—our own failure to lead our audience to what we have to say, write or teach.

In April I wrote about my experience with “Woke millennials” at Wikipedia who rejected my “Wiki.”

Sensitive to such discrimination I viewed some “Wikis” of friends and concluded that Wikipedia’s “volunteer reviewers” are are in reality “Woke millennials” who are committed to “cancellation” of the “good” aspects in their subjects’ lives. If they can emphasize or exaggerate a prominent conservatives’ failings, they will.

That is the case with conservatives who served in Republican administrations. You can look it up! Just look at the Wiki of conservatives who served in government.

In other “social media” such as Facebook, postings by Facebook ‘Friends,’ public persons and the organizations they serve have been blocked by “Progressive” ideologues who in higher education have excluded conservatives from employment for sixty to seventy years.

Book publishers will print “crappy” books on what they consider address topical issues, but permit good, non-ideological, writing to die from non-exposure to print.

All that is true.

But we live in an era of digital media that enables us to “self-publish,” publish online essays in non-commercial journals and conduct Zoom discussions with abandon.

What so many of us fail to do is market ourselves and our ideas.

I was astounded to learn that a very important study by a top conservative intellectual published by a major cultural institution in 2014 was never reviewed!

And this same authors many essays are unknown because they were never catalogued nor collected for publication.

I did not know that another writer, whom I’ve known since 1966 was writing weekly essays for the past twenty years in a well-respected religious journal.

The worst case is a writer on national security who has no computer, no email, and only an unlisted telephone.

Perhaps that’s why we read obituaries. We learn about these important recluses only in death.

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