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The Coming Democrat Party Crackup

June 15, 2021

With slim majorities in the House and Senate—but carried by hurricane forces pushing the Biden Administration Leftward–objective observers of American politics wonder in astonishment.

By-elections do not favor the Party in power and some are “blow outs” like the loss of 60 Democrat House seats in 2010 and the loss of 33 House seats in 2018 that gave control of the House to Democrats and pointed toward Trump’s failed bid for reelection in 2020.

A similar “trend line” for Biden in 2022 suggests significant Republican gains in the House and gains in 34 contested Senate seats.

If so, then why is the Biden administration advocating programs rooted in “Progressive” ideology instead of public opinion?

Biden’s “Infrastructure” legislation looks the way an alcoholic acts when entering a drinking establishment. His call for tax increases flies in the face of public opinion that favors the status quo. Support for minority interests protected by Senate “filibusters” is strong and the electorate solidly supports caution in foreign policy and principled policies in the national interest.

The Biden Administration, however, is “tone deaf” to that and that raises questions about the President’s advanced age.

This Administration’s Progressive lurch does not lie in its “heady youth.” Rather that lurch is due to the far-Left beliefs of Barack Obama and those who flocked to serve in his Administration. They are directing the Democrats to an electoral and cultural “crack up.”

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