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The End of Totalitarian China

June 25, 2021

Why does the communist People’s Republic of China fear the Apple Daily of Hong Kong and these three men?

The answer lies in the weakness of totalitarian regimes.

Unlike traditional regimes whose basis is a fundamental “friendship,” the basis of totalitarian regimes is “fear.”

Xi Jinping lives in fear of the Chinese people and distrusts even the commanders of the People’s Liberation Army. Xi knows that one or more of them will attempt to rule China when the Communist Party of the PRC loses its power.

It is necessary for Xi to curb or eradicate all dissent and last week in early morning raids Hong Kong police shut down Apple Daily Hong Kong and arrested Jimmy Lai, Ryan Law and  Cheung  kim-hung.

Remember their names–for in Chinese history they will be honored just as we honor the names Paul Revere, John Adams and Bunker Hill.

Apple Daily Hong Kong

Jimmy Lai

Ryan Law

Cheung  kim-hung

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