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Nationalism and Western Civilization

June 29, 2021

Over nine years from 1987, when I first visited Prague until 1995, four years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, I worked on development projects in Poland. Astute educators in Germany, France and England were aware that the Soviet Union was on its last legs. But that insight was not prevalent in our investment banks. These investment professional were well “trained” in matters concerning money but were as ignorant of other matters as a Freshman at one of our Community Colleges. They needed to see the dissolution of Soviet power to believe it

Traveling in Poland and the Czech Republic during those years, I was encouraged to see the love of country of these citizens, their delight in finally living in free and independent nations, and renewal of their Christian faith visible in cathedrals in Poland crowded with families bringing their children to worship at Catholic Mass.

That exuberant nationalism has been criticized by leaders of the European Union in Brussels because that nationalism was what the EU seeks to overcome. That, of course, is ideological and runs into a reality that people love their country, the Catholic Church and the theological principles of Western culture.

On June 29, 2021, Hungary’s Prime Minister Victor Urbẚn was interviewed in a Croatian journal, The Voice of the Council. This transcript contains ideas that have raised alarm among those who aspire to an “international” order and reject “nationalism.” My guess is that Urbẚn’s ideas will dominate and American investment bankers need to return to school and become educated in forms of nationalism that have been given new life there by Victor Urbẚn and here by Donald Trump.

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