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America’s Enemies and “Friends”

July 13, 2021

Here are five aspects of America’s national security that worry me:

  1. The People’s Republic of China (PRC)
  2. Iran
  3. The European Union
  4. President Biden and the Democrats
  5. Former President Trump and the Republicans

American National Security

In the Summer of 1966, I was an intern at what was then “Georgetown University’s Center for Strategic Studies.”

The “staff” was led by retired Admiral Arleigh Burke, David Abshire, who would become U.S. Ambassador to NATO, Elinor Lansing Dulles, sister of Allen  Dulles (CIA) and John Foster Dulles (U.S. Secretary of State) and retired Admiral Arthur Radford (Commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet.)

All were “warriors” who viewed national security with no illusions. They were unlike a series of Presidents of the United States whose foreign policy failures placed the United States at a disadvantage with our foes:

          JFK (Cuba, Berlin)

          LBJ (Vietnam)

          Carter (Iran)

These CSIS warriors addressed American national security issues with clarity, as do the enemies of the United States who, fifty-five years later, assert their national interest. JFK, LBJ and Carter did not, and we, as a result, inherited a dangerous world.

Over the next several weeks I will review these five concerns and predict what future outcomes may be predictable.

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