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August 2, 2021

Actions taken against a Belarusian sprinter in Tokyo reveal serious problems with Vladimir Putin as he moves to rebuild the Russian Empire of Czar Nicholas.

He can’t rebuild the discredited Soviet Union because Marxism is dead except in the minds of “Progressive” intellectuals in the West.

But authoritarian rule is deeply rooted in Russia and Putin is playing that card in a game of Russian Roulette.

That means that Putin must tolerate the few friends that he has including the totalitarian regime in Belarus.

That would embarrass most “leaders” but not Putin, a former KGB “Intelligence” officer.

His friend, Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko of Belarus, governs with an iron fist, and imprisons dissidents, engages in air piracy and destroys the Olympic ambitions of a Belarussian sprinter.
Because Putin is Golovchenko’s defender, actions to constrain Belarus must be directed at Putin’s ambitions to dominate Western interests in Poland and Ukraine.

The Poles have no interest in being dominated by Russia.

Ukraine is another matter.  

Like alcoholics released from treatment, Ukraine’s anti-Russian leaders became instant millionaires thinking that wealth—even stolen wealth–bought freedom. Finding incorruptible Ukraine leaders will be difficult—but that is the slim reed on which a free Ukraine must rely.


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