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“Zoom” Discussions of Distinction

August 3, 2021

There is a new Internet medium in development called “Zoom” that provides a means of communication that enables us to meet, in person, in Cyberspace.

That was not always the case.

When in late 1999–twenty-two years ago–I founded a solely Internet-based Yorktown University, though all the technology was there to create entire Internet universities at low cost, few colleges and universities offered “Online” courses.

  • Fifteen years earlier, Apple introduced its first “Macintosh” PC.
  • Fourteen years earlier, Web browsers were introduced.
  • By the mid ’80s Microsoft dominated personal computing.

Even as internet commerce and communication has exploded, American higher education still resists change and protects their traditional ways by “Regional Accreditation” that requires physical campuses.

If you want a postgraduate education in Law, Medicine or the Humanities you must have a degree from a “Regionally Accredited” degree granting institution. Established regionally accredited colleges and universities were—and still are—able to block Internet delivered competition but do so at great cost to education consumers.

When the Covid-19 Pandemic hit American higher education, colleges and universities were compelled to design Online courses. They struggled to master skills they had rejected and asked students to pay the same high tuition cost of classroom instruction.

As we have seen in the limited public participation in Olympic events in Tokyo, the old traditional ways of higher education are being subjected to major challenges. Hundreds of colleges have closed or compelled to merge with financially stronger institutions.

And though successful vaccines are available, a more deadly “Delta” variant requires that all college students, staff and faculty be vaccinated and wear masks in group settings.

We do what we have to do, but we don’t have to attend 14 to 16 weeks of classroom instruction.

“Zoom” meetings open doors to education entrepreneurs to create training and education programs that do not require our physical presence. All that is necessary for innovative learning to dominate higher education is for the abolition of “Regional Accreditation.”

We are delighted to offer access to two Zoom discussions and invite you to read a paper that is the basis of a third Zoom discussion to be held in mid-September.  

Here is a paper on “Loss of France” that will discussed in mid-September/

Here is a link to a discussion with conservative scholars who write novels.

And here is a discussion about causes of divisions in civil society.

To assure that we are able to conduct more Zoom discussions of important issues of the day, please consider making a tax exempt donation at our secure online portal:

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