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Bad People in Control

August 12, 2021

Marketing professionals today must think that we are stupid, lack clear ideas about what we want, and believe they can stuff “junk” at us and we’ll buy or bite it.

That became clear to me fifteen years ago when I attended a celebration of the successful marketing venture of the son of an old, distinguished, friend. The rapacious, unprincipled character of the marketers at that event was apparent as I realized that I was standing off from the crowd and beside me were standing Richard Viguerie and David Keane.

Recently I wanted to check a Zip Code and searched for “USPS Zip Code Lookup” and was gulled into clicking on what appeared was the “Official” Site.


For that I had to scroll down the page much farther than I had gone.

About a year ago I wasn’t as attentive to what I was doing and now the screen of my computer is controlled by something called “Freshy.”

I better become more attentive, because my computer frequently displays small graphic windows advertising my anti-virus software and advertising for “WinZip” and HPC.

Of course, I use “free” email software with dozens of calls for me to display my ignorance and I now daily delete all email in my “In-box” and even empty email collected in a box for “Spam.”

Is there is nothing more I can do to defend myself from the rapacious, unprincipled character of the marketers who control Web marketing?

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