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A Media Survey Ranking News Reports

August 14, 2021

Any calibration by degree, which is what “Ranking” involves, requires categories. For example, “Good” to “Bad” clarifies moral qualities that you are ranking.

We know very well that “good” reporting involves stating basic facts: “Who,” “What” “Where.” What we formerly called “Journalism,” however, no longer rests on reporting “the Facts,” but involves “Communication.”

“Journalism” schools are now dominated by “Communication” studies.

In an essay published at “” that I titled “Why America Is in Decline… and What to Do About It,” I traced Bad “Journalism” to a report in February 2016 about Melissa Click who had been fired by the University of Missouri:

Seattle, Washington media reported that Catholic Gonzaga University had hired University of Missouri’s Melissa Click.

The University of Missouri fired Click in February after a video surfaced of her calling for “some muscle” to remove a student videographer from protests on the school’s campus last fall. The student, a freelancer on assignment for ESPN, argued his First Amendment rights allowed him to be in a public area. Students and staff on the school’s campus had been protesting the treatment of African Americans by administrators. Click had been an assistant professor in the MU Department of Communication and held a courtesy appointment at the Missouri School of Journalism. She later faced more scrutiny after a video from a different protest on campus showed her cursing at an officer trying to clear the road during the university’s homecoming parade.

Melissa Click’s “journalism” introduced what we call “ideological” assertions or assumptions that America is a racist nation, that American women are dominated by “male culture” and that Wall Street requires “occupation” forces that clean out the ways wealthy are benefited to the disadvantage of the working class.

In that context, MSNBC’s Ali Velshi is the best example of what’s terribly wrong with Cable news.

From the standard of objective reporting, CNN’s John King is the best.

In Broadcast news, Nora O’Donnell at CBS tries to be objective perhaps because she studied with M. Stanton Evans who taught Journalism at Troy State in Alabama and founded a National Journalism Center.

Using John King and Nora O’Donnell as standards of what is “Good” and Ali Velshi as what is ideological, biased and “Leftist,” we can begin to rank “news” reporting in America today.

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