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Aghanistan and “Nation Building”

August 16, 2021

The United States invaded Afghanistan in response to the attack organized by Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

I was on travel to Capitol Hill that morning where later I would report on my Yorktown University venture to a meeting of Paul Weyrich’s Free Congress “think tank.”

As I entered the Free Congress offices I could see smoke billowing from the Pentagon that had also been attacked. A video of the U.S. Secretary of Defense exiting the building, pistol in his right hand, was featured in news reports that day. Featured also were videos of airplanes crashing into the Twin Towers, office workers jumping to their deaths from two buildings and New York City streets covered in debris and workers streaming away on foot from Wall Street.

Slowly we began to understand that a new, religious-driven force, had re-arisen from centuries of sleep—Islam.

I eventually did my homework and published an essay titled “The Rise of Islam and American Policy in South Asia” for the Romanian publication “”

I spent 1987 to 1995 working in Prague and Warsaw and that gave me an appreciation for the “nationalism” of the many countries in Eastern Europe whom we called “Captive Nations” who were striving to bring order, civility and economic reconstruction to their national existence.

The nationalism of Hungary which is derided as “Fascist” represents that striving.

The United States was spared Soviet occupation and never contended with Islamic radicalism; thus it is understandable that after we invaded Afghanistan we would do something stupid—namely build Afghanistan in our image.

CNN’s reporting today from Kabul on the Taliban victory was delivered by Clarissa Ward, a female journalist who made suppression of Afghan women “THE STORY.”

MSNBC’s Richard Engle gave a professional report as we would expect from him, but our own Tokyo Rose, Mika Brzezinski reported the news absent Joe  Scarborough.  The feckless former GOP Congressman was “travelling” and couldn’t work the biggest story of the decade!

Former President Trump was blamed for the Taliban victory, but nary a word was heard from President Joe Biden. He was on holiday at Camp David.

Loud laughter and chuckles could be heard from Beijing, Moscow and Teheran.

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