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Take Back our Government!

August 21, 2021

On three dates, August 16, 18, and 20, I calmly commented in this space on the collapse of our “nation building” in Afghanistan, reflected on how difficult it is to repair a broken “Humpty-Dumpty” and likened the Biden Administration to the massacre of George Armstrong Custer at Little Big Horn.

Afghanistan was the “Last Stand” of Biden’s Presidency and it is critical that we not wait to replace him in 2024.

Biden must be Impeached, removed from office now and driven from public life and that requires that everyone who is scandalized by the Biden Administration’s failures of policy to get involved in the Congressional and Gubernatorial elections of 2022.

A new Congress, with the “rascals” thrown out, should immediately commence Impeachment Proceedings and relevant Committees of Congress must begin efforts to criminally indict all persons at State, Defense and the White House who are responsible for this foreign policy disaster.

If you were thinking about running for office in 2024, you must immediately organize a campaign for the Congressional seat representing you. Research what “papers” you must file, file them and begin to go to leaders of business, media and education in your area and ask them to support you.

Start now and let the voters know how upset, angry and dissatisfied you are with the political leaders responsible for the disaster of “nation building,” wars to make other countries into Democracies, and a need to make the American national interest our first priority.

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