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Fraudulent “Higher” Education

August 25, 2021 for August 25 cites a recent study about the conduct of Internet-delivered, “Online” courses, during the first year of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

“…three key factors … created learning challenges for students: lack of access to technology and the internet, a gap in learning resources (such as instructor feedback, structured course materials and opportunities for collaboration), and limited prior experience with online learning.

“Access to the internet varied among first-year college students, with more than half describing their internet connection as “OK,” 24 percent saying they had “great” connectivity and 21 percent calling it “unpredictable,” “terrible” or nonexistent.”

Twenty-one years ago I founded a solely Internet-based for-profit University and was blocked from offering courses in Virginia and compelled to move to Colorado. In 2009 the Obama Administration attempted to destroy “for-profit” education which sector “online” courses were fully developed.

My 2017 history of that venture explains what happened. And I further explained how the “Education Cartel” perpetrates this injustice in this recorded discussion published by  the Heartland Institute.

In January 2020 classroom instruction came to a halt due to a pandemic and colleges and universities that had enjoyed protection from Internet-based competition had to learn overnight the principles of instructional design for “distance learning.”

They failed miserably but charged the same high tuition that they priced for classroom instruction!

How many more years will it take before education consumers realize that American “higher education” is fraudulent and based on a system of government loan programs created by Lyndon Johnson for his “Great Society”?

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