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Nurturing a Future Enemy Within

August 25, 2021

The precipitous withdrawal from Afghanistan required advance planning to address four problems.

Domestic instability. It remains to be seen if Taliban leaders can govern a country changed by twenty years of US occupation. Tribal ways, practice and justice are insufficient and any attempt to return to the “Stone Age” will destroy civil society. The gun-totting Talibani must be disarmed.

Adjustment of Refugees. The “lucky” Afghans escaping their country face difficulties we would not wish upon ourselves. Those fleeing to Arab countries will experience suspicion, open hostility and poverty. Afghans relocating to Western Europe will find refuge in Muslim areas that ring areas ridiculed as “Londonistan.” No European ventures into these Muslim quarters, especially at night, and integration into West European civil society will take a hundred years.

Vetting. Here in the United States Afghans disbursed to military bases at the start will be welcomed by naïve Christian missionaries whose aim is conversion to Christianity. That will only exacerbate differences between Muslim Afghans and America’s secular society.

Vetting of refugees is required and former American military who served in Afghanistan should be recruited to supervise their transition. Those for whom no “sponsors” can be found should be organized into encampments and their adjustment to American society facilitated by educational training before “release” into adjacent communities.

Education. Afghan children must be enrolled in schools along our lines of preschool, elementary, middle and high school.

None of this was done and wherever these Afghans go they, and their children, will be radicalized and hatred of the West nurtured.

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