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Why Worry about France?

August 31, 2021

A Zoom Discussion of an essay by Dr. John Tierney on the topic “Loss of France” will be held on September 23. In advance of that discussion you may access Dr. Tierney’s essay at

This new essay pursues the question, “What happened to France” that was discussed in a Webcast that examined three examples of national “loss”: loss of China to Mongols in 1644, loss of Poland in 1939 and loss of France in 1940.

Why be concerned about the loss of these other countries?

A main reason to worry is the effect of Progressive domination of our media and our colleges and universities on the character of the American people.

Our great American common sense has been eroded and our national character has been changed.

“I don’t recognize my country” is a common statement by “conservative” and tradition-minded American citizens.

National cultures do change and though the buildings and roads remain, the people in those buildings and driving their nation’s highways have changed—for the worse.

The leaders of the generation that framed the Constitution were better educated and thus more knowledgeable than college-educated Americans today.

Many of our churches and the Denominations they serve have lost the faith of those who formed them. The Catholic church is similar in its decline, and wealthy Americans are fearful that their children will turn against them when they go to college.

We should worry also that our enemies in Russia, Communist China and Iran smell weakness in the Biden Administration and may prepare to act:  

Russia may seek to retake Ukraine.

The PRC may invade Taiwan.

Iran may shut down shipping of oil to Europe as it did recently by using weaponized drones.

Dr. Tierney will consider these issues from the perspective of the “Loss of France.”

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