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Wealthy and Stupid

September 13, 2021

The New York Times reports on September 12 on parents who bribed college officials to obtain admission of their children to the University of California, Harvard and Stanford as athletes. The money paid was significant–$300k to obtain admission for a daughter and $220k for admission of a son to USC –plus $1.5 million to obtain admission of two daughters to Harvard and Stanford.

Parents so accused are easy “marks” for scapegoating because of the sums they were willing to pay and what the fathers did for a living; one was a casino operator and the other a private equity manager.

They had money to burn, no understanding of what “education” entails and will now pay for these actions with jail time.

In 2019 I assessed this tragedy when Felicity Hoffman was sentenced to prison and Lori Loughlin was threatened with forty years of prison if she did not admit guilt.

Greater blame must be placed on our very corrupt system of “higher” education.

That corruption is systemic and endangers our young people.

Lest we forget, Socrates was charged for corrupting the youth of Athens.

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