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We Know Them Only in Death

October 6, 2021

Some blame the “Woke” guardians of “cancel culture” for the compulsory retreat into obscurity in which most political conservatives find themselves. But there is another source of exclusion—our own failure to market what we have to say, write or teach.

I was astounded to learn that a very important study by Dr. Angelo Codevilla, To Make and Keep Peace, published by a major cultural institution in 2014 was never reviewed!

And this same author’s many essays are unknown because they were never catalogued!

Also I did not know that Dr. Christopher Manion, whom I’ve known since 1966, was writing weekly essays for the past twenty years in a well-respected Catholic news magazine.

The worst case is William Lind, a writer on national security, who has no computer, no email, and only an unlisted telephone.

Perhaps that’s why we read Dr. Codevilla’s obituary. We learn about these important recluses like Dr. Codevilla only in death.

A video of a discussion with Dr. Angelo Codevilla and Dr. Christopher Manion, conducted on April 24, delves into this subject and may be accessed by clicking here. Much of what they (myself included) discuss hits the nail of this of exclusion into reclusiveness on its head.

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