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Becoming Educated

October 16, 2021

Our system of higher education has lost its way and a college “education” now only means completion of a degree program. For that reason you can’t send your son or daughter to a “good” university and expect them to become educated. Domination of university programs in the Humanities and Social Sciences by “Progressives” assures that students learn to think like their professors.

An investor in Yorktown University told me that it took him twenty years to recover from Keynesian economics. More recently Catholics in North Carolina were attracted to the idea of starting a new Catholic college. When the scholar leading that effort accepted employment at an established Catholic university in Texas, that effort died.

Based on my experience in founding Yorktown University in 2000, and by observing later attempts, I conclude that no reforms of our system of higher education can occur. Higher education is tied to federal tuition loan programs that assure high tuition cost and “Regional” accreditation standards that require that degree programs be offered from physical campuses.

My history of Yorktown University published in 2017 reveals how complicated federal and state regulations act as a Cartel that protects member institutions from competition.

Only “education” itself can be recovered, not the colleges and universities that market high cost college degree programs. Recovery of education is made possible by the Internet, web browsers, smart phones and now “Zoom” that are the means by which to educate those who desire to learn.

I conducted two Zoom meetings, one with scholars who write novels and the other about our culture wars, and last week historian Larry Schweikart conducted a discussion about ancient Rome via Zoom.

That has inspired me to engage in an effort to recruit scholars to design eight Zoom discussions in subjects they teach in degree programs. Instead of one thousand dollars per course, each Zoom meeting will be priced at $25 and a course of eight sessions will be priced at $200.

Students completing a course in Zoom will be awarded a “Badge.”

Would you like to learn about the rise and fall of Rome? Or the role of Christian contemplatives who shaped Western culture from the Fifth to the Thirteenth century in what is called “First Europe”? How about ancient Israel and the rise of Christianity, or the main ideas of Aristotle?

Those and dozens of other courses can be offered to persons seeking an “education” through Zoom.

Watch this space for more information about becoming educated via Zoom.

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