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A New “Price is Right” Political Game

October 25, 2021

Anyone who watched Senate confirmation hearings in October 1987 in which Judge Robert Bork was “borked” by then-Senator Joe Biden would know that fairness, knowledge of the Constitution and prudence are not aspects of President Biden’s character.

Judge Bork was as good a Supreme Court nominee as they come and presented an opportunity to recognize principle over partisan politics, an attitude one cannot find in Joe Biden the politician.

Biden, at age 78, reveals visible signs of mental decline yet willingly accepted being used by his Party because the price was right:

Become President of the United States and in exchange appease radicals who would make the District of Columbia a State, shift from fossil fuels to wind and electricity, add additional seats on the U.S. Supreme Court and seat far-Left jurists, admit Muslim refugees fleeing disarray in Syria and Afghanistan, tax the rich, blow up the financial integrity of the U.S. dollar by expanding the Administrative State, reward State politicians whose pension funds are bankrupt and advance democracy, by military intervention—i.e. war—with nations that haven’t a clue about its meaning or value.

That price was right for Joe Biden who never had a principle he couldn’t put aside for personal gain.

Fortunately, Biden’s incompetent administration of his Office promises major gains by Republicans in the 2022 Congressional elections and defeat of the Democrat nominee for President in 2024.

In my next book, Rise and Fall of the American Empire, I examine how we got here from 1776 and what is in store for America if future American Presidents are as bad as Joe Biden.

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