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Dr. John Tierney Prepares for War

October 29, 2021

In 1979 when working as an acquisition editor for a New York publisher, I recruited Dr. John Tierney, then at Catholic University, to collect essays critical of Jimmy Carter’s grant of diplomatic recognition to the PRC.

Dr. Tierney is now collecting a new set of essays to be published by En Route Books and Media to address the question of the imminent takeover of Taiwan.

This new collection of essays will suggest that Xi Jinping is a totalitarian inspired by Maoist ideology who feels that he needs to control threats to his control of China from a refractory population desiring more, not less, personal freedom.

From November 2021 to January 2024, during an incompetent Biden administration, is the optimum time to do that.

By invading Taiwan, Xi Jinping can distract the population of the Mainland with an appeal to Chinese nationalism and test the ability of his Admirals and Generals. Many have not served in battle, and though well-equipped, could face considerable resistance from the U.S. Navy in the waters along the Taiwan Strait.

American naval forces in Asia are sufficient to impede a conventional attack on Taiwan and even more boats and domiciled in the United States at the Norfolk Naval Base can secure Taiwan’s independence. A flotilla of those boats stationed along the coast of Taiwan will deter PRC aggression.

The only question is whether Progressives in control of the Biden Administration are willing to uphold U.S. obligations of the 1979 Taiwan Relations Act. Dr. Tierney knows the answer to that question.

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