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Democrats and Abortion

October 31, 2021

Growing up in the 1950s, I encountered the death of three children: One was the only daughter of a divorced woman who was killed when her sled was run over by an automobile. A second child died of cancer and a third was an aborted full term baby.

A neighbor boy and I were returning home from our Lutheran parish school and taking a shortcut through a vacant lot adjacent to a commercial boulevard. My classmate saw a paper bag, opened it and found the body of an aborted infant.

In all three instances, the mother of the accident victim and we her schoolmates were devastated; the life of the father of the cancer victim was shattered by the death of his son. And I can only imagine how desperate was the woman who aborted her baby.

Those memories returned when today I listened to President Biden answer a question about his Catholic faith and his political acceptance of a woman’s right to terminate her unborn child.

I can recall only one Democrat politician, Governor Bob Casey of Pennsylvania, who opposed his Party’s position on abortion.

Putting the pursuit of power over principle is so common that we seldom see a politician reflect on that moral failure. President Biden’s press conference provided a remarkable insight into the personal loss that entails.

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