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The Meaning of Younkin’s Election

November 3, 2021

Election Day, November 2, cleared up some missing information I need to complete The Future of American Politics, a book I began to write eleven months ago and the sequel to my first novel.

The major character in “Coda” is U.S. Senator Bob Hill (R-PA) who plans to succeed Donald Trump expecting that Trump would win the 2020 election. That calculation was “off by a mile” and now what is Senator Hill to do?

Never in the history of the United States had a sitting President attempted to circumvent the process for election of a Chief Executive established in the Constitution of the United States. Impeachment of this President was attempted twice and GOP leaders did not act against President Trump for participating in the attempted coup d’état of January 6.

So the “wild card” in American politics is former President Trump’s actions between now and 2024.

What deterred my conclusions was removed by Glenn Youngkin’s election as Governor of Virginia. His skillful defeat of Terry McAuliffe bypassed Donald Trump thus attracting suburban voters who rejected Trump in 2018 and 2020.

Youngkin demonstrated that there is “life after Trump” and that formula will be pursued in major contests leading up to the GOP nominating convention in Summer or Fall 2024.

Senator Hill in a sequel to “Coda” will seek re-election by bypassing Trump and enter the contest for the GOP nomination in 2024.

And my new book, The Future of American Politics, adds a possible ending in addition to another attempted insurrection.

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