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Consequences of Biden’s Weakness

November 12, 2021

Our foreign enemies have assessed the personal weakness of our cognitively impaired President and the incompetence of radical “Progressives” in the Biden Administration.

Vladimir Putin sees an opportunity to recreate a Russian Empire by recovery of Ukraine and destabilizing the strongest former “Captive Nation”—Poland.

Islamic radicals have used drones to attack a vessel carrying oil bound for Europe and American military in Iraq.

The People’s Republic of China has chosen this moment in American weakness to assert that Taiwan is a part of China.

The Biden Administration must act forcefully or the United States national security will be impaired.

Here’s what Biden should do:

Reinforce the defense of Taiwan by shifting 100 small naval vessels who can deter a PRC naval invasion. Norfolk Naval Station and Little Creek Naval base can source this defensive force within two to three weeks.

Prepare a “decapitation” strategy directed at Iran.

Engage in forceful diplomatic discussions with Russia followed by initiatives that are directed at internal and external weakness.

Hear that, Joe?

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