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Mark Steyn on TV

November 15, 2021

Fox has Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham and Mark Levin. Throw in Greg Gutfeld and you don’t worry too  much about the crapola on cable programs on MSNBC and CNN.

And when Mark Steyn was on Fox, my week was complete.

Mark Steyn was born in Canada of a family with roots in Belgium, a Catholic who now worships in the Anglican Church.

He left the equivalent of high school in England at age 16 and has been a disc jockey, music historian, author and opinion journalist. Believe me, you must be intelligent and extremely gifted to pull that off!

Steyn is the equal of many critics who stayed the course and were graduated from Oxford, Harvard or Yale.

I like Steyn because his style, unlike British conservatives, is exuberant and loud. Steyn wanted to break off Britain’s connections to the EU before there was a Brexit.

On May 23, 2019 he criticized the Federal Bureau of Investigation, suggesting that its reputation is over-blown and was controlled by Progressives until they took on Donald Trump. T

his is refreshing because American political conservatives still reserve a warm spot in their hearts for the FBI and even the CIA.

I missed Steyn for about a year, but now I discover that Steyn is on British TV with his own show.

Britain’s gain is America’s loss.

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