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I’m a Republican, but Eight Hours and 32 Minutes?

November 19, 2021

Yesterday, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy proved he has “The Right Stuff.” That concept was popularized by Tom Wolfe in his book about military pilots who were selected to be the astronauts for Project Mercury. A film based on Wolfe’s book won four Oscars.

Cong. McCarthy won’t win any Oscars for his performance last night, but he has my vote should he run for President in 2024.

I saw a reference to McCarthy’s speech on CNN about 11:30 pm and went to C-SPAN to see what he had to say. About 1 am I turned off my TV and fell asleep. But not McCarthy. He continued to speak until 5 am!

Video of the U.S. House of Representative revealed a near empty House chamber except for one representative of the Democrats and a clutch of GOP House members gathered behind McCarthy. There was one African American, one female and about five to six male colleagues. I wondered who they were, especially one member in the upper left of the group who nodded his approval of every word his leader uttered.

There is life in the GOP—for now—at least before the former President Trump attempts another insurrection. One way to prevent that is for Cong. McCarthy or Gov-elect Younkin to seek the GOP nomination for President in 2024.

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