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Belarus and the Decline of American power

December 4, 2021

In 2021 I commented for the first time about the totalitarian Communist regime in Belarus. I recalled that sometime in 2004, my friend and fellow political theorist, William B. Allen, introduced me to an administrator of European Humanities University in Belarus who was in exile at Dr. Allen’s James Madison College at Michigan State.

His University in Belarus was under attack by the totalitarian regime in Belarus and students and faculty were compelled to meet in classes in nearby Lithuania.

I offered to place his university courses on the Internet.

To make a long story short, the idea of offering courses via the Internet was too radical for scholars in Belarus steeped in the traditions of European scholarship. Things have gotten much worse since 2004.

In 2020 the European University Association issued a statement protesting actions taken by Belarus’ totalitarian regime against students and instructors at universities in Belarus.

On Sunday April 23 a Belarus fighter jet forced an airliner on a flight from Athens to Lithuania with a Belarus political dissident aboard to land in Minsk where the passenger was arrested, imprisoned and beaten.

And, finally, Belarus organized immigrants seeking to get to England by transiting through Poland.

What’s going on?

Vladimir Putin is attempting to restore the Russian Empire and because Belarus is strategically located, Putin needs Belarus. He is willing to put up with hijacking of an airliner and using Belarus to destabilize Poland.

The Biden Administration has issued a strong verbal rebuke but will not do much beyond that. However, that is not the end of this story. Protests directed at Putin’s treatment of his political dissidents, and especially Alexei Novalny, suggest that Putin’s grip on power is slipping.

Understanding that the independence of Belarus, Georgia and Ukraine are at play as Putin plays “Caesar,” the United States is faced with the need to respond more forcefully. That will require military support of Poland and Ukraine (missiles and anti-tank weapons) and attempting to make the European Union less reliant on Russian oil. Making NATO aware of Russia’s military goals is also necessary.

Because Joe Biden is cognitively impaired, however, and not the man for the job of President of the United States, there is an opportunity for new leadership–either in the GOP or the Democrat Party.

Are there any 40 year old Governors willing to take the initiative? Unfortunately there aren’t many 35 to 45 year old political conservatives to address this threat. They drank the “Kool Aid” of internationalist politicians and never learned the basics of national politics.

That’s my argument in my next book, Rise and Fall of the American Empire.

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