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A “Failed State”

January 22, 2022

I once looked upon New York City as the best place to build a career, and after leaving Dallas, Texas where I was teaching at the University of Dallas, I was lucky to find a teaching position at a college near Manhattan.

Irving Kristol had made a break from the McGovern era Democrat Party and I quickly learned the fastest way to drive into Manhattan to meet with Irving from the city made famous by George M. Cohan’s “45 minutes from Broadway.”

The West, so they say,
Is home of the jay,
And Missouri’s the state
That can grind them.
This may all be,
But just take it from me,
You don’t have to go
Out West to find them.
If you want to see
The real jay delegation,
The place where the
Real rubens dwell.
Just hop on a train
At the Grand Central Station.
Get off when they shout
“New Rochelle.”

Today, I wouldn’t think of Manhattan as anything other than a “failed state.”

That was apparent this week when, according to The New York Post, “The Partnership for New York City, the Big Apple’s largest business advocacy organization, met with progressive Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg to voice their concerns over details of his stay-out-of-jail free card for criminals.”

Unfortunately, leaving a cushy executive suite for a few hours to complain isn’t sufficient to revive the culture of Manhattan. These Titans of finance should have followed the example of that businessman from Queen’s New York, Donald Trump, and become active in politics or steered one of their ambitious children to run for political office.

They, and representatives of our business classes, did nothing of the sort and as a consequence the United States is fast becoming a “failed state.”

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